The objective of the Fund is to support projects which have the potential to develop national and international linkages with the aim of these leading to larger more strategic initiatives for projects to support and encourage emerging collaborations across the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

The White Rose Executive Board regularly reviews the Funds progress and has recognised the value of these collaborations in supporting emerging activities by funding two calls per year.

Applications are encouraged from staff in areas where there are no existing collaborations between the White Rose Universities. However this does not exclude existing areas of collaboration between the universities where support might lead to enhanced activity and significant funding opportunities.

Here are the projects we have already funded

 Project Support and Reporting

• Each project should have a value between £8-11k
• Successful projects will be allocated a Project Development Manager from the White Rose team who will work with the collaboration to help support securing further funding and assist in helping the project to achieve its goals.
• The collaboration will be given a project page on the White Rose website which can be used to highlight the activity being undertaken by the group. It is hoped that this will provide an external face to the project which will aid both in the dissemination of project achievements but also demonstrate successful collaboration for potential future funders.
• The project lead will be asked to provide progress reports at 6 and 12 months.

Application Criteria

The eligibility criteria are set out below:
• Each application will include a minimum of two members of staff (post doctoral researchers are eligible) per institution, with a lead member of academic staff identified at each University. The partners need to identify an agreed lead academic/University as having overall responsibility for the project.
• Applications must include participants from all three Universities.
• All applications must be either in an area of demonstrable funding opportunity which applicants should evidence in their submission (e.g. by reference to the strategic priorities of research funders and any upcoming calls), or should be in an emerging area of research which applicants can demonstrate will be strategically important in the near future.
• Each application should have a value of between £8-11K. Applicants are advised that they should hold a project inception event at the start of the project and may use up to £2K of the funds to cover the costs of this event (e.g. accommodation, facilitation, travel, external expert involvement etc).
• Collaboration Fund projects should use the funding within a 12 month period following award.
• Costs eligible for inclusion in the project are those directly incurred on project activities. No payment will be made for academic staff time or indirect costs.
• Applicants will be required to demonstrate how working collaboratively across the three Universities will add significant value and why the proposed project is timely.
• The project proposals should include information on how the success of the project will be measured and what will be the short, medium and long term outputs.

Application Process:

Currently closed but will open again in the Autumn.