Britain and Europe: The political economy of ‘Brexit’ in trade and finance


Workshop at the University of York

Project ‘Britain and Europe: The political economy of ‘Brexit’, funded by the White Rose Consortium

Objectives. This workshop examines the changing nature of Britain’s relationship with the European Union (EU), pre- and post-referendum, by looking at three economic policy areas: 1) trade and investment; 2) finance (financial integration, regulation and currencies); iii) Economic and Monetary Union (including Banking Union and euro crisis). The sessions of the workshop are organised around these themes.

Keynote speech by Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Sheffield)

Full Programme

Britain and Europe The political economy of Brexit in trade and finance

Travel expenses of participants based in academic institutions that are part of the White Rose Consortium will be covered. Travel funding for other participants will be available on a competitive basis.

The workshop organisers are:
Dr Jim Buller
Professor Tony Heron
Dr Nicole Lindstrom
Professor Lucia Quaglia

For further information please contact  Lucia cc Robert Pye

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