White Rose Early Career Ethics Researchers Conference


Location: K/111 in King’s Manor, Exhibition Square, York YO1 7EP

Friday 3 June

3:30 pm

John Halstead, ‘The Small Improvements Argument, Ignorance and Incomparability’

Commentator: Johan Gustafsson
5 – 6:30 pm

Matthew Bennett, ‘Authenticity and Morality’s “Special Status”’

Commentator: Tom O’Shea

Conference dinner: 7 pm at The Old Siam, 126 Micklegate, York YO1 8JX

Saturday 4 June

10 am

Lorna Finlayson, ‘Athena Swan Lake: centre-stage feminism and the psychological turn’

Commentator: Daniel Elstein

11:30 am

Amanda Greene, ‘Legitimacy and Political Realism’

Commentator: Carl Fox

1 pm   Lunch provided

2 pm

Theron Pummer, ‘Unbounded Lives’

Commentator: Christopher Jay

3:30 – 5 pm

Brian McElwee, ‘Supererogation Across Normative Domains’

Commentator: T. Ryan Byerly

You can see more information here https://www.facebook.com/events/540903106110045/


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