Multiculturalism, Culture and Controversy: literary representations of Muslims in contemporary multicultural Britain.

Supervisors & TAP: Claire Chambers (University of York); Matthew Festenstein (University of York); Richard Phillips (University of Sheffield)

This project explores how contemporary British literature approaches Muslim experiences of multiculturalism in Britain. Literature, like art and film, is a creative perspective on the world and an interpretation into the way in which it functions. I hope to discover a variety of insights and representations of multiculturalism through looking at a variety of British authors and their narratives of integration, segregation, cultural sensitivity and issues of gender.

Research Questions
• How does contemporary British literature approach the Muslim experience of multiculturalism in Britain?
• How have these texts that have opened up the debate into questions of freedom of speech, creative expression, and cultural sensitivity.

I will use textual analysis to examine literary works that are important in voicing and narrating Muslim experiences within a contemporary multicultural society.